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Brewster Ranch Arena Events Schedule
Thanks to all who attended our 2011 Labor Day Pasture Roping & Western Weekend

TEXAS/OKLAHOMA Team Ropers Win 2011 Labor Day Pasture Roping 

 Justin Parish of Mineral Wells, Tx and Cody Doescher of Oklahoma City took home the championship from the Brewster Ranch Labor Day Pasture Roping that was held in Bristow, Okla. September 4th and 5th. The team (pictured below) won over $1700 per man along with Bob Berg championship buckles at the event.    

The pasture roping is not like other roping events as the ropers give the steer a 100 foot head start into an open pasture as the team chases the steer anywhere he wants to go in the open range. The team ropes the head and heels of the steer to complete the run. Parish and Doescher won the average on three steers in a time of 48.6 seconds or 16.2 seconds per run. 

Congratulations to Trey Johnson for winning The Front Range Championships Open Roping on his new heel horse "Cheyenne". Trey recently purchased Cheyenne from Jimmy Brazile. Cheyenne was trained by Justin Parish.
Congratulations to Skylar Southerland for winning the All Around Jr Cowgirl at Bridgeport TX Youth Rodeo on Saturday, May 5th. Great Job Skylar!
Congratulations to Tino and Nawny for winning 7th in the average at the USTRC roping in Stephenville. 
Justin and J. C. Williams take 4th place money at the Santa Rosa Roundup rodeo in Vernon, TX.
Congratulations to Jake Cobb from Decatur , TX for placing 3rd in the Average in the Ribbon Roping at the NTHSRA Finals in Fort Worth , TX . Jake's good calf horse "Zoey" was tuned up by Justin.
Congratulations to James Southerland and Justin for their 3rd place in the average and 3rd in the round at the Windy Ryon #11 roping. (see the video on the videos page)
Congratulations to Justin Smith for taking first place money on his new head horse "Bomber" at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo on Aug 11th.
JANUARY 5th - Ryan Benge places 3rd and 4th at Robertson Hill Ranch #12 Roping today.  Ryan has been putting lots of practice time in during the last month or so.  Good Work! 

Congratulations to some of my regular hard working friends.  Two of them placed last Sunday in Denton, Texas.  Phil Doss wins second place and Brian Luce wins 3rd in the #9 Roping.  
January 14th:

It was the Southerland's weekend!  Skylar won the barrel racing at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo and also placed 2nd in the breakawa roping.  James placed 10th in the #8 USTRC in Waco.  Good work gang.   

Lots of good ropings coming up!  I want to see all of us in the winners circle.  
January 20th - Had a wonderful day at the First Annual Covenant Cowboy Church Roping in Denton, Texas.  Awesome testimonies by Allen Bach, Kevin Daniels and Trey Johnson.  Lots of ropers and Jason Jones of Lipan placed 7th overall.  
February 5, 2013

Skylar Southerland had a big weekend at the end of January.  She was the breakaway champion Saturday, January 26th, at the JCSP, then the Pro Youth rodeo and finished it off 3rd place at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo on Saturday night, Jan. 27th.

Tino Castaneda placed 2nd in the #8 Roping at the 40+ Team Roping in Hamilton, Texas, last Saturday, February 2nd.  
February 25, 2013

Lots of good roping at the World Series in Stephenville, Texas this past weekend.  

Justin Parish wins the #12 Roping heeling for Jamie Mader Hayden.  They each pocketed $9,370.  

James Southerland and his partner place 4th in the #9 - They each brought home $2,700 a man.  Congratulations to everyone! 
Skylar Southerland is regularly in the winner's circle - Photos to the right show her competing in the team roping and goat tying events.  She also runs barrels, poles and breakaway ropes ! 
March 10th - 

Tony Bradley wins the #9 at Bar B Indoor Arena last Sunday, March 3rd 
Sunday, March 10th - Relo Ramirez wins the #9 at Lone Star Arena in Stephenville, TX.  He brought home $1,300!

Congratulations to you both! 
March 17th:      James Southerland places 4th in the incentive and 5th in the average in the #10 Gold Plus at the 

USTRC in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  The hard work and committment is paying off.  Many more to come! 

Congratulatons James
March 30th: There are lots of ropings going on now this spring.  

Tino Castaneda wins First and Second at the 40+ Team Roping in Hamilton, Texas today.  Congrats Tino!

Billy Weeks wins 2nd and 5th at the #9 at NRS Training Center on Friday, March 29th.  

Brian Luce and Tammy Parish place in the # 9 at the Parker County Cowby Church Team Roping in Aledo on March 23rd.
Parker County Cowboy Church is a great faciltiy with some awesome people that belong to that church. We had a very fun day.  
April 1:  Brian Luce wins the # 10 at the 40+ Team Roping in Denton, TX.  Good Job Brian
                  Tino Castaneda wins 2nd fast time and 4th in the Average at Bar B Arena in Mineral Wells, TX in the #9.  
                  Relo Ramirez is the High Money Winner at Bar B Indoor on Sunday, March 31st!  He took a horse in trainin to his first roping  and                     did great!

April 13:  Tino Castaneda and Tommy Houston win 3rd at the Bar B Arena in Mineral Wells today.  

    Relo Ramirez and his partner, Brent Proctor, were the top winners at the Palo  Pinto County Cowboy Church Team Roping held Friday, April 12th.  They took home the bucklels and 1st place money.  
Tino Castaneda and his partner finished 2nd.  Tino was also a BIG winner at Fire I Up Productons in Terrell, Texas last weekend.  He placed 2nd and was the HIGH Point Senior.  So So close to winning the truck - B ut he did come home with 2 beautiful saddles and $2,000!  Great Roping Everyone.  

April 24:  Relo Ramirez and his partner have placed 2nd the last two weekends in the Team Roping at the North  Texas High School Rodeo Association in Saginaw, Texas.  
Way to work guys!

May 6:  Lots of fun and fellowship at the Palo Pinto County Cowboy Church in Mineral Wells.  Buckle winners Jason Jones and Justin Parish pictured right.  
May 15:  Skylar Southerland and her new horse, Barracuda, are starting to click.  They won second at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo last weekend.  Only off the leader by .06 seconds.   - YEAH!

Good Luck to Jake Cobb at the NTHSRA this weekend.  Jake qualified in both the Calf Roping and Ribbon Roping!

May 25:  It was a big weekend for our roping friends last weekend at Stephenville USTRC roping.  Phil Doss placed 3rd in the incentive in the 12 Gold Plus roping.  CONGRATULATIONS PHIL!

James Southerland and Relo Ramirez were in the top few teams of both the #9 and #8 roping short rounds.  They won the incentive in the #9 and placed 5th in the #8.   They each brought home over $1,800.  James and Relo work hard every day and we are glad to see them progressing.

Skylar Southerland continued her winning streak at Comanche rodeo Friday night, May 17th, winning the Barrel Racing and Breakaway event.  She came back Saturday night in Coleman winning 2nd in the go round and winning the average in the Barrel Racing, Goat Tying and Breakaway Roping!  

It's great to see success coming in all areas.  CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!
Please continue to let us know about your winnings so we can continue to post the results.
May27:  Several folks had a big weekend this weekend.  It was the Windy Ryon Memorial Roping in Saginaw, Texas.  James Southerland and Carson Pilgrim placed 3th in the #11 Roping bringing home over $2,000.   James and Tammy Parish won the #9 Roping  and received beautiful Windy Ryon buckles and $2,580 each.  Tammy also placed 3rd in the #9.  

Brian Luce and Pat Polizzo placed 4th in the #9 as well.  

Tino Castaneda and Port Toft won the fast time in the #9 at the 40+ Team Roping at the Fighting 7 in Stephenville, Texas.  

Jake Cobb attended the Ultimate Calf Roping in Denton this weekend.  His 13.0 run placed third in the second round.  
Terrific weekend.  Good job everyone!
June 23:  Billy Weeks and Tammy Parish place at the #8 in Stephenville, Texas on Father's Day.  This was the first roping for Billy on his new horse.  Nice start!

Skylar Southerland and Barracuda are on a roll.  They placed second in the barrel racing at the UPRA rodeo in Durant, OK.  

Kobe Conring is off to a great start with his new horse.  Glad to see a good fit!
July 5th:  Palo Pinto County Church Roping - Robert Rice wins his first roping!  Robert Rice started riding/roping in April and finished 1st with Justin Parish in Mineral Wells.  Congrats to them and keep up the hard work!  
Billy Weeks and Ty Culderson placed second.  
July 14th: BAR Productions - Billy Weeks and Chad Tinney win 1st in the #8 in Gibtown, TX.  
10 Head Match Roping Winners - Skylar Southerland and Aspyn Dent - Girls beat the Boys - Nice Job! 
August 12th:  Lots of success this weekend.  

Tracy Lake in Cheyenne, WY wins four buckles at Blake Nelson Arena. He's still loving his new horse Pepper.  They make  a good team. 

Billy Weeks and Tammy Parish place 9th in the USTRC #9 Shootout in Waco, TX.  They received  $600 each.  

Robert Rice places at his very first USTRC roping.  He finished 5th in the #8 roping on Sunday.  Robert brought home $1900.

Denton Parish brought home his second Dummy Roping Buckle in the 6 and under division in Waco as well.

In Athens, Tx, Tino Castaneda brings home another saddle winning the average in the #8 at Fire It Up Productions. 
Tracy Lake's 4 buckles in ONE day!
Tino Castaneda
Denton Parish - far right. 
August 22nd:  Tony Bradley wins the #9 at Bar B Arena in Mineral Wells, TX and Tino Castaneda placed 2nd in the #9 and won the #7. 

James Southerland had a great day of roping finishing 2nd in the #13 roping and 4th in the #9 at the Fightin 7 Ranch on Aug. 17th.
Congratulations to Everyone! 
August 28th: Tony Bradley has been roping with us several times a week.  He had a great day the 40+ Team Roping August 24th.  He split 1st and 2nd bringing home a buckle and $1,250.  

Billy Weeks and Justin Parish finished 5th that day.  

Stormy Mullins won the go round and the average in the #8 roping in Gibtown.  

Good Job Ropers!
September 9th:
August 4th, Cash Davis won 4th at Hugo Jr. Rodeo and August 5th he won 5th - August 17th he won 2nd and 3rd at Boswell, OK.  Great job on his new heel horse!

Daniel Shehadi places 2nd in the #9 at Bar B Indoor in Mineral Wells, TX.  on September 8th.

Tyler Lake won the Go Round in the #9. 
Teresa Lake won a buckle at Blake Nelson's arena in Longmont, CO.  

Skylar Southerland placed 2nd in the 1D barrel race in Azle, TX.  

September 14th:  Skylar Southerland placed 3rd in the #10 at the Ponder Annual Classic Team Roping in Denton, TX on September 14th. 

Robert Rice and Relo Ramirez win 1st place at the Palo Pinto County Church Roping on Friday, September 6th.  Frank Dryden and Relo Ramirez place 2nd.  Congratulations! 

Aspyn Dent wins fast time at the Joe Beaver Labor Day Breakaway Roping in Stephenville, TX with  1.91 seconds - Great Ropin! 
September 23:  Relo Ramirez placed 9th at the USTRC in Abilene, Texas on Sunday. They also won 3rd in the incentive.  It was great roping and the first time the heel horse, Sugar, had been to a major roping.  
October 13: Robert Rice and Relo Ramirez win the Parker County Church Roping Friday, October 11th.  Teresa Lake had a great day winning 3 buckles at Blake Nelson Arena in Longmont, CO.  Tracy Lake won the year end buckle and Ty Lake won a belt buckle and breast collar - BIG day for the Lake Family
Good Job to you all! 
October 19th : Bar B Arena - Relo Ramirez had a huge day.  He won fast time in the #7 as well as the average making him the saddle winner in the #7.  He also won fast time in the #9 and second in the average bringing home a buckle from that roping.  Relo is here helping me work horses everyday.  His roping and horsmanship improves every day.  I'm glad to see his hard work paying off.  
Congratulations to all the winners of the Bar B Arena Finale on Saturday! 
October 23: Skylar Southerland and her awesome horse, Barracuda, set a new arena record at the Graham Expo Center in Graham, TX in the barrel racing jackpot with 15.9 seconds. 

Great job Skylar and Barracuda!
November 2:  Denton Parish finishes 4th in the dummy roping at the USTRC Finals in OKC on Saturday.  He brought home lots of wonderful prizes.  

November 1:  Tony Bradley wins first in the average heeling in the #9 Roping at NRS in Decatur, TX.  

October 27th: Rudy Danley and Justin Parish win the #11 slide at Bar B Arena.  

Relo Ramirez won 4th in the #10 at Gibtown Arena on Oct 26th.   Congratulations Everyone!  
November 16th:  Denton Parish placed 2nd at the USTRC Jr. Looper Dummy roping in Fort Worth.  It came down to quite a rope off!

November 14th Justin Parish finished 4th in the 40+ Team Roping Finals in Stephenville in the #11 Shootout.  

November 10th:  Tony Bradley was on fire at the Mineral Wells Bar B Arena.  Tony finished the roping taking home 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Average in the #9 Roping.  You will find Tony helping people at Teskeys in the rope department. Awesome roping - Great Roping Tony.
Tony Bradley and his winning  partner at the Bar B Arena.
November 17th: It was a big weekend for many from our TEAM.  Several in the short go at the USTRC Cowtow Shootout in Fort Worth.  James Southerland and Scott Brooks finished 3rd in the #10 Gold Plus.  Billy Weeks placed 4th in the #9 and 5th in the #8.  
Steve Gist and Tino Castaneda placed 3rd at the 40+ Finals in the #10 Slide Super Century in Stephenville, TX.        Congratulations Everyone! 
Tracy Lake 
Dec. 1: Cori Rice places in her first team roping at the Bar B Arena in Mineral Wells in the #7 roping.  Tracy Lake wins the incentive in the #10 Gold Plus at the USTRC roping in Denver, CO.  Tyler Lake also won second in that roping.  Good Job Ropers!! 
Cori Rice
Dec. 15:  It was a big weekend for the Ramirez family.  Relo Ramirez wins the #7 at Bar B Indoor. Leroy Ramirez  won the saddle at the Palo Pinto County Church "He Paid Your Fees" Team Roping.  
Denton Parish wins Reserve World Champion Dummy Roper in Las Vegas, NV.   Congratulations! 
Denton Parish
Dec. 22 Leroy Ramirez wins the fast time and the average at the Bar B Arena #7 Roping taking home the buckle!  Skylar Southerland placed second on "Chula" at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Ft. Worth on Dec. 21st.  Not bad for Chula's first performance!  Congrats!  
January 5:  Skylar Southerland had a big weekend winning the Breakaway Event at the UPRA rodeo in Hugo, Oklahoma.  She also placed 4th in the barrel racing.  Skylar and Tammy Parish placed 2nd at the Robertson Hill Ranch #9 roping in Perrin, TX.  
Jan 12th:  So happy for Leroy Ramirez and his young partner.  They won the #8 USTRC roping in Waco, TX.  $5000 plus USTRC saddles - great job! 
Jan. 19th: Big Congratulations to Robert Rice winning his first of many buckles!  Robert and Relo Ramirez won the average in the #7 at Bar B Arena on Sunday.  LOTS of hard work starting to pay off.  

Chris Alderson and Tammy Parish win the #8 at Gibtown Arena on Sunday.  Billy Weeks and Audie Morris placed 2nd.  Billy also won the #9 roping with Kirby Berry.  

Skylar Southerland and her horse, Barracuda, are consistently winning.  Skylar and Barracuda won the barrel race at Salt Creek Arena Thursday night with a 14.9. Good Work!
Jan 26th:   Big weekend for the Justin Parish Roping TEAM.  They brought home over $20,000 from the World Series Team Roping in Hamilton, TX this weekend. Slick Robinson and Justin Parish started the winning bringing home $9,670 placing 2nd in the #13 roping.  Billy Weeks and Gary Campos won the #10 Pick Draw for a total of $6,420.  Billy Weeks and Justin McCright placed 5th in the #10 winning $6,950.  James Southerland and Tracy Lake placed 7th in the #9 bringing home $4,980.           Great Roping Everyone!  Get ready for Vegas.  
Feb 11:  Justin Parish and JD Johnson won 2nd at the Sponsor Team Roping in Salado, TX bringing home $1,500 and a buckle for JD.  - Nice work!  It was a great weekend at the Chris Kyle Memorial Team Roping in Hamilton, TX.  This was a great event!  Lots of call backs in the short round for the TEAM including Cori Rice at 3rd high call.  Relo Ramirez placed 3rd in the #9 splitting $1,990.  Tammy Parish won 2nd in the #8 splitting $2,050.  Robert Rice, with several calls in the short round of the #8, finished 5th splitting $800.  The kids had a terrific day as well.  Walker Jones won the 5 and under dummy roping bringing home the buckle.  Denton Parish won the 6-8 dummy roping bringing home a buckle and Mesa Jones won the Bones roping dummy.  So proud of all of the kids.   Skylar Southerland placed 3rd in barrel racing at the UPRA rodeo in Humble, TX.  This puts her in the lead for Rookie of the Year in Barrel Racing as well as Breakaway Roping!                  Great job everyone.  
Dummy Roping Winners with Chris Kyle's father, Wayne Kyle.  
Feb 18 The TEAM brought some money back from the USTRC roping in Bryan, TX.  Walker Jones won the dummy roping in the 6 and under.  He brought home his second buckle!  Billy Weeks and Blaine Matthews placed 3rd in the #12 Gold Plus for $480. He won the fast time in the #10 Gold Plus with Ron Dahle for $970.  Billy Weeks and Relo Ramirez won the fast time in the #9 bringing home $1,156.   Robert Rice placed 4th in the #7 roping at Bar B Arena in Mineral Wells.  It was a good weekend with great weather!  Nice work to everyone.  
Mar. 3 - James Southerland won 1st and 2nd in the #10 at the Buck N Duck Roping in Stephenville, TX on Feb 19th.  Tammy Parish and Tino Castaneda placed second in the #8 at the STRA in Mineral Wells on February 22nd. Tammy and Teresa Lake placed 4th also placing in the go round.  Tracy Lake and Tammy Parish placed in the #9.  Billy WeeksTeresa Lake and Tammy Parish placed in the go rounds.  Skylar Southerland won 2nd in the Breakaway roping at the Stockyards rodeo in Fort Worth on Feb. 28th.    Nawny Jones and Daniel Shehade placed in the round at the Palo Pinto Cowboy Church Round Robin on Feb 28th.  Good Job!

Mar 18:  Little behind on posting all the winnings the last few weeks.  March 5th Robert Rice and Landon Blanks won the #10 Buck N Duck in Stephenville,TX.  Robert and Landon also placed 2nd in the Land of the Cowboys #10 slide on March 9th.  March 9th at the 40+ in Stephenville, TX Tammy Parish and Mike Blair won the go round in the #10 roping.  Billy Weeks and Mike Blair won the go round in the #9.  Billy Weeks and Dave Robertson won 1st in the average at the #7 STRA in Abilene, TX on March 15th.  Nawny Jones and Daniel Shehade place 3rd at Gibtown Arena on March 16th.  Cori Rice placed 2nd in the average at the Bar B Arena  #7 in Mineral Wells on March 16th.  Skylar Southerland won both the Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing events at the Stockyard Championship Rodeo on March 7th.  Congratulations to all of you!  
March 25:  Robert Rice and Brad Hammonds placed 7th at the Fire It Up Productions #7 roping in Stephenville, TX this past weekend.  Good Job! 
March 31:  Big time at the STRA roping in Mineral Wells, TX: #7 Tammy Parish and Vaughnda Hubble place 1st in Go Round.  Billy Weeks and Tammy Parish win the average.  Tammy Parish and Gary Murphy finish 3rd in the average.  #8 Billy Weeks and Tammy Parish place 2nd in the go round and 1st in the average.  Frank Dryden and Tammy Parish place 4th in the average. #10 Justin Parish and Dave Robertson win the go round.  Billy Weeks and Dave Robertson win first in the average - Nice job Seniors!
April 7:  Friday, April 4, at Stockyards Championship Rodeo Skyler Southerland and Smurf win first place in the Breakaway Roping.  March 28 - Skylar and Barracuda win first in the Barrel Racing.  Billy Weeks and Gary Campos placed 4th in the Average at the World Series Team Roping in Salado, TX  - Nice Work - Keep bringing home the $$
Stormy Mullins 
May 5:  Brian Luce placed 4th in th #10 pick/draw at the 40+ Team Roping last weekend in Hamilton, TX bringing home $1,520 a man.  Skylar Southerland had a big weekend this weekend at the NTHSRA winning the Breakaway Roping with a 2.4 and also placing 4th at the UPRA rodeo in Whitney with a 3.0.  Stormy Mullins was the 2nd High Point Header in the Santa Ynez, CA.  Stormy placed 3rd and 5th in the Average and won the 3rd round.  LindaKay Nelson won 2nd in the Average and a buckle at the #6 roping in Eaton, CO.
Good Work Everyone!  
LindKay Nelson
May 18: Jake Cobb and Skylar Southerland had a big weekend at the NTHSRA Finals in Fort Worth.  In the calf roping Jake placed 2nd in the first go round and 6th in the 2nd round winning overall 3rd in the average.  Skylar won the 1st and 2nd round in the barrel racing and finished 1st in the average.  DD McClure and Tammy Parish won the 50+ Parker County Team Roping.  Tammy and Tino Castaneda placed 3rd.  
May 26: It was a great roping at the Windy Ryon Memorial Roping on Friday.  Nawny Jones and Tammy Parish finished 6th taking home $2,660.  Leroy and Relo Ramirez won the Palo Pinto County Church Roping while Robert Rice and Jerry Bellis won second.  Great job everyone! 
June 2:  Robert Rice wins his 2nd buckle of 2014!  Robert and Tony Bradshaw won the # 9 at the Bar B Arena on Sunday.
June 8:  Taylor Bennett wins his first check at the Gibtown arena on Friday.  Taylor and Cesar Ornelas won second in the average in the #9 roping.  Tammy Parish and Shane Rudibaugh won 1st and 3rd in the #9 average.  Robert Rice brought home another buckle this weekend winning the average at Robertson Hill Ranch in the #9 Shootout.  Robert won fast time and 2nd in the average in the #9 Preliminary.  Tammy Parish and Mitch Waters won 4th in the average of the #9 Shoot out.  
June 22:  Shannon "Mud" Lowery placed 6th at the Bar B Indoor Arena in the #9 Team Roping!

June 16th:  Skylar Southerland has been very successful at the UPRA rodeos in the Breakaway roping.  Skylar won the Breakaway roping in Ryon with a 3.4, placed third in Durant, OK with a 3.6 and placed 3rd in Thornton with a 3.4.  Skylar also placed 3rd at the Lonestar Barrel jackpot.  Tammy Parish and Tino Castaneda won 1st at Parker County Team Roping Rodeo run at the Parker Co. Frontier Days Rodeo.  DD McClure and Tammy Parish placed 2nd.  TJ Jones and Justin Parish placed 2nd in the Open Division.  
Lots of winners at the # 10 Palo Pinto County "He Paid My Fees" Church Roping - Relo Ramirez won 2nd.  Nawny Jones and Jesse Edwards placed 3rd.  Denton Parish and JW Trammell finished 8th.  Leroy Ramirez and Gary Murphy placed 10th.    Robert Rice won 3rd at the World Series Team Roping #9 Pick/Draw in Graham, TX.  Dummy Roping 6 and under winners were Denton Parish and Walker Jones.  Mesa Jones won the 7-12! 
June 30th:  Robert Rice wins his fourth buckle of 2014 at the Bar B Arena!
July 12:  SKylar Southerland won 3rd in the 1st round of the IFYR in Shawnee, OK.  Skylar also won 2nd at the Monday night jackpot.  

July 5th:  Skylar Southerland won the 19 & under Breakaway division at the Roy Cooper Jr. Calf Roping Championship.  Billy Weeks and Gary Campos placed 6th at the World Series Team Roping in San Angelo, Texas bringing home $4,740.  Robert Rice placed 5th in the #9 at Bar B Indoor Arena. 
Skylar Southerland won 4th in the Breakaway Roping at the UPRA rodeo in Wills Point, TX.  Skylar also won 2nd in the Barrel Racing at Wade's Arena.  Tammy Parish won the #8 roping at Blake Nelson Arena in Longmont, CO. 
July 30:  Summer rodeo/bible camps were a success!  Thanks to everyone for all of the hard work.  Jesse Edwards wins the rounds and average in the #7 STRA roping in Mineral Wells.  Great job! 
September 21: My apologies for falling behind in posting all of the wins lately.  Congratulations to James Southerland and Ron Goodwin for placing 13th in the #9 World Series in Hamilton, TX last month.  
Robert Rice and Gary Murphy won 2nd at the #9 USTRC in Abilene this weekend.  
Skylar Southerland is tearing them up as usual in the breakaway, team roping and barrel racing.  So proud of Sklyar for her nailing a full ride rodeo scholarship at Weatherford College.  She represents her many sponsors very well!  Good Roping Everyone!
October 7th: Congratulations to all of the winners at the STRA Team Roping Finals in Abilene, TX!  
Jesse Edwards won the round in the #9, 2nd in the go round in the Winners Roping and finished 7th place in points for the year end.  JR Cansler won 3rd and 5th in the average of the #8 and 2nd in the round in the #7.  Tammy Parish finished 5th and Billy Weeks finished 7th for year end points as well. 
November 28:  Congratulations to Slick Robison and Justin Parish for winning the #13 World Series Qualifier in Salado, Tx.  Robert Rice and Tony Bradley placed 3rd in the #9 at the Bar B Indoor Arena in Mineral Wells, TX   GOOD JOB GUYS!
Jan 4, 2015 Congratulations to LindaKay Nelson for winning her first team roping buckle as well as finishing up as the high money winner for the ladies division.  She also received a beautiful Bob Berg purse.  Way to go!  So proud of you!
Jan. 18: Beautiful Day at Robertson Hill Ranch  - Justin and Tammy Parish finished 5th in the average in the #10 Roping. 
 In the # 9 roping - Eric Epperson won 3rd, James Southerland and Justin Ward placed 4th, James Southerland and 
Kevin Ward finished 12th.  Good Job! 
February 14: Robert Rice and Justin Parish won the average buckles at Gibtown Arena.  Chad and Justin fiished 2nd while Tammy Parish and Justin  placed 3rd.  
March 7:  Nawny Jones and Tammy Parish win 1st in Average at Gibtown Arena.  Denton Parish placed second! 
March 16: Denton Parish and Charlee Cope win 1st in the round and 1st in the Average at the OTRA Beginner roping in Decatur, TX.  Abigail House placed 2nd.  Nawny Jones and Jesse Edwards win fast time in short round and place 4th in Average at Robertson Hill Ranch in Perrin, TX.  Robert Rice places 2nd in #11 and placed 3rd in the #10. - Skylar Southerland had a fantastic weekend.  She won 1st at Northside with a 2.18 in the Breakaway roping, Then the next day she won 3rd in the Breakaway.  Sunday she won 5th in Breakaway, 5th in Team Roping and 4th in Barrels!  Good job Everyone! 
March 22:  Skylar Southerland 2015 Texas high school rodeo Association Region 3 Breakaway Finals  Champion and Breakaway Year End Champion!  Amazing year for you Sklyar - Great Job.
Justin Parish and Jered Hollaway finished 2nd in the Average at the World Series Team Roping #13 splitting $8,200.  Justin and Tammy Parish won fast time in the #10 Roping.  
April 5:  Skylar Southerland won 4th and 8th in the Average and 3rd in the incentive at the All Girl Roping in Salado,TX.
She had the fast time in the short round.  Skylar also placed in the breakaway at the Joe Beaver Roping.   Great job Skylar! 
May 18:  Shawn Stephens placed 5th at the Steve Gist Benefit Roping at Robertson Hill Ranch.  USTRC - Stephenville, TX Denton Parish won the 7-9 Super Looper Dummy roping.  Brandon Livingston and Tammy Parish placed 7th in the #9 Roping.  Logan Farmer and Tammy Parish  won the Average in the # 8.   James Davis and Kenneth Clifton placed 5th in the #8.  Dawson McCuin and his partner qualified for the Junior High Finals in Des Moines, IA in team roping.  Skylar Southerland won 3rd at the Carter Robertson Memorial Roping in Breakaway 21 & under.  Skylar also won 2nd in the 1st round, 2nd in the Average at the Stephenville Breakaway Jackpot!  Good work Ropers!! 
JAN 4    Congratulations to Skylar Southerland for winning the 16-19 and the 21 & under Joe Beaver Breakaway Roping!  James Southerland and Tammy Parish placed 4th in the #8 New Year Roping in Graham, TX.  Tammy Parish and Monty Jacobs also placed 5th in the #9.  Brian Luce placed 7th in the #9 World Series Team Roping in Salado, Tx this weekend.  Great way to start the year!! 
Brogan Sims won his first money in team roping at the OTRA in Alvaredo, TX!  Denton Parish and Clay Paul placed 2nd in the 2.5 Roping. Good job boys!  

Denton Parish was able to clinch the World Championship Dummy Roping Title in the 7-9 age group! Such a tough competition and some really really good ropers.  Anthony Lucia does such a great job announcing this event. 

July 11  Great Finals put on by the OTRA in Abilene last week!  Lots of WINNERS!  Denton Parish won some rotation $, goat roping $ and a new saddle in the dummy roping.  Great job to all of you that pulled out a check! 

Mar 20:
Tammy Parish and Garrett McQueen placed 2nd in OTRA# 3.5 Roping.  Justin Parish and Jake Long placed 2nd at the VIP #16 in Stephenville, TX. James Southerland and Ron Goodwin won second in the #9 Heartland splitting $22,000 in Hamilton, TX.  Brian Luce and JB placed 7th in the #9.

Mar 7: Congrats to Skylar Southerland for winning the Region 10 Breakaway Roping this year!  Emily and Morgan McDeavitt also placed at the NTHSRA rodeo in Saginaw, TX.

Feb 29:  Emily and Morgan McDeavitt won the OTRA Beginner roping in Decatur, TX!.  Denton Parish placed 3rd in the Avg of OTRA 2.5.  James Southerland placed in the #9 Patriot.  Great ropin'
Feb 24: James Southerland placed 5th in the World Series #10 in Stephenville, TX.  Glover Womack and Tammy Parish placed 9th in the #9.  Justin Parish and Slick Robison placed 6th in the Patriot #13 roping in Ft. Worth splitting $13,000.  Slick Robison won the #12 splitting $80,000. Great roping! 
Jan 19 Jay Herd placed 2nd in the Avg at the 40+ Team Roping in Hamilton, TX.  Denton Parish and Noah placed 2nd in the Avg in the Beginner OTRA Roping in Decatur, TX.  Tammy Parish and Jim Baker placed 3rd in the Avg in the #2.5.  Justin Parish and Wesley Moss won the 1st round in the 4.5 Roping.  Justin and Garrett McQueen won 1st in the Avg.  Justin and Steve Ross placed 2nd in the Avg.  
Jan 11 Tammy Parish and Casey Rice won the #9 at Gibtown, TX.  Duane Overton and Justin Parish won the 1st Go Round of the #11 and the Average. Brian Luce made some short round $ at the USTRC in Waco, TX again on his new horse, "Smarty".
Brogan Sims